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Festivals and Cultural Events In London

We all know that the UK has plenty of festivals and cultural events that get celebrated every year. London is a city full of events and liveliness. In this regard, you should visit once in your life to enjoy the festivals happening there.

Here are a few top lively London Festivals and Events you should attend.

  • London Jazz Festival:

This festival takes place in different clubs all around the city. It is the biggest jazz festival and the most multi-cultural event. London Jazz festival, for the first time, took place twenty years back. This is a week-long festival for patronaging jazz. The best thing is that now the jazz festival is not just limited to London, but it has emerged as one of the biggest international events.

  • Notting Hill Carnival:

Obviously, this event occurs in Notting Hill, and it is the biggest festival of West Indian music and dance all around the UK. This carnival has been happening in London for the past fifty years, and more than one million visitors visit the hill every year. The event includes people dancing to traditional music like rumba, reggae, zouk, and meringue. Also, there are food stalls for satisfying your hunger or cravings.

  • Taste of London:

Tobacco Dock is the place where this event of food happens. The Taste of London is a festival that is by a company that organizes food fests all around the world. And the company chief is in London, so the main event happens here. This is a must-visit event if you are a foodie because the festival shows you all the best restaurants, chefs, and all the best food recipes.

  • New Year Day Parade:

Every year at the start of the New Year, the entire city of London comes together to participate in the Day Parade. The parade began around thirty years ago and has grown to become one of the largest cultural events of its kind in London. The parade attracts millions of spectators as it travels from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly, and Green Park. It also raises funds for various London charities, with marching bands from all over the world taking part in the parade.

  • University Boat Race:

In the first week of April, the boat race happens between two top universities of London, Oxford, and Cambridge. These educational institutions collide on the Thames even the hope that this collision remains analogous.

  • World Dart Championship Finals:

Darts is more than just booze and math, and the PDC World Championship final has become one of the most wanted tickets on the London sporting calendar. Every New Year's Day, it takes place, so plan ahead and dress up.

  • Christmas:

A sure list of events and festivals happening in London would be incomplete without mentioning Christmas. December takes over every festival that happens in London, with traditional European markets and warm alcohol flooding in the streets of the city. The epicenter is the Winter Wonderland, with a high-end explosion of Santa in Hyde Park.

  • FA Cup Final:

The focus of this piece will be on having great cultural activities in London, and few are as well-known as the FA Cup final in May. The tournament has lost its significance over the years, but this day out at Wembley remains memorable.

Final Words:

Every cultural event and festival is enjoyable when it happens with all enthusiasm. Events and festivals happening in London are fun, entertaining, and lively, so if you are into such things, then giving it, a shot will be worth it.

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