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Top 7 Things to Do With Kids in London

Are your kids bored staying at home most of the time? Or are You tired of taking your kids to the same old places regularly? Well, you've got your hands on the right article! All you must do is spare some time of the day to read this piece of information consisting of various places in London to take your kids with you and have fun.

Some mesmerising places are to be mentioned throughout the article; you may also discover new places!


Don't all kids love a huge candy store? M&M's World is not just an ordinary candy store; it is known as heaven. I am sure you have already guessed by the "WORLD" in the name. M&M's World may not only fascinate the kids but parents as well. The interior of the store is remarkable, glass floors filled with M&Ms, walls filled with M&M's and of course, ceiling hangings too. It is one of the largest candy stores built on a land of 35000 square feet. That's not the only fun part; I found it amazing that customers could print their faces on M&M's. The place is always blooming with colourful M&M's. Store visiting hours are from Monday to Saturday from 10 am-9 pm, Sundays from 12 pm-6 pm.


Kids are always fans of Legos, whether in video games, cartoons/movies, or actual toys. So why not take them to LEGOLAND? Experience some real-life pirate ships and Vikings. Let that adrenaline go pumping! Even drive a Lego car! The land has more than 55 exciting rides and is a perfect place for sightseeing. Enormous Lego buildings are placed, an area where a model of London city is built just with Legos attracting a lot of people and tourists. LEGOLAND puts on live shows entertainment as well. The area is known to be constructed with 40 million LEGO bricks. There are plenty of rides to enjoy; make sure you carry ample time. Visiting hours are from Monday to Saturday from 10 am-4 pm, and 10 am-5 pm on Sundays.


Teen's favourite novel and movie, Harry Potter. Why not make the magic come true? Experience the sorcery power in real at the Harry Potter tour in London. Enjoy a tour in a luxurious, central conditioned train. The feel is real, and you'll get to see the famous steam train, ride a broomstick, and play around with magic! You'll not feel any less than a Hogwarts student with all the props and costumes provided. The entire tour is approximately 3 hours long. The ticket price starts from £80. The studio is open throughout the week from 8:30 am-10 pm.


Show your kids another world—the World of marine life. Meet jellyfish, sharks, dolphins, seahorses, and many more creatures. A glass tunnel is built under the ocean where you will get to see the greatest of sea animals, spotting piranhas, crocodiles, and sharks all just swimming around you, right above and below the glass tunnel. Visits take around 2-3 hours long, and the aquarium is open all week from 10 am-3:45 pm. Make sure to book your tickets online beforehand.


Educate your children about the history of one of the greatest cities. Walk back in time with the architectural structure or the museum. Learn how the city changed from time to time and how it has developed since freedom. The trace of history takes you back to 40,000 years. Some wonderful items are on display, such as pre-historic fossils, models of old-time buildings and villages set up, and ancient utensils. The great thing about the museum is that it's free of cost, but you'll still have to book ahead as it can get very busy. The museum is open all week from 10 am-6 pm.


Let the kid's imagination go wild and free! Every kid loves this place for sure! It enables the child to be creative in various ways. Children can build up their own stories following the indoor exhibition set-up—one of the best-known fun and educational places to visit. Ticket prices vary from age to age. Visiting time is from 10 am-5 pm every day.


Look at London with a 360° view. Then, climb on top of the most spectacular venues in the World. It takes up to 90 minutes to walk on top, but it is worth it. Hiking to the top may seem risky, but thanks to all the safety provided, even kids are eligible to hike, and for them, it could be the most adventurous trip. Seeing the sunset or rise can be breathtaking. It could be your most unforgettable adventure. A tour guide will help you out through all the steps of climbing up and showing you around the shops and views. The climb is known to be not so strenuous. If weather permits, opening dates vary through season and time, so you will have to check their website before visiting. The ticket price is £32.00 per person.


Putting this article to an end would like to mention that all the places are worth visiting. Kids would have the best time of their lives. So many adventurous, fun, educational and amusing places are waiting for you to visit.

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